Dubai Lionsgate Gates

6m high bronze columns and gates for the Dubai parks and resorts


The Year of Diespeker.

Diespeker has hit 2018 running, Securing some large contracts and prestige sites across the uk.

We are involved in the refit of selfridges Birmingham, which started at the end of 2017,

Another retail development we are involved in is Clifton Moor York, which is seeing a major overhaul to be completed in Spring 2018.

Diespeker is also working a little closer to home with the new Yorkshire Sculpture park visitors centre in Wakefield.

Exciting times ahead for all at Diespeker Limited as we enter our 11th year.

Diespeker Limited

Diespeker Limited celebrated it's tenth year this year.

A Family run business that is growing in strength, manufacturingbespoke items for many customers. Our team is dedicated to the customer and we pride ourselves on the service we give.

Mosque in Bolton

A bespoke dome was fitted this year to a mosque in Bolton, 

Our highly skilled fitting team working onsite in Bolton

Our highly skilled fitting team working onsite in Bolton


Diespeker produce many columns every year, all bespoke.

column 1.JPG

Yobu Kisosk

Diespeker were asked to build this spectacular kiosk for Yobu Frozen Yogurt and Bubble Tea, following the success of the first shop in Bournemouth. Sited within a key square at Festival Place’s Shopping centre, the brief was to successfully evolve and integrate Yobu’s playful and dynamic high street brand identity into a functional outward serving kiosk, whilst also serving as a welcoming attraction within the centre.

Yorkshire Sculpture Park visitors center

New GRP substation roof at the new Yorkshire sculpture park visitors center, construction has started on the new visitors center where Diespeker have been awarded a contract to provide the GRP roof feature.

Innovative GRP barrier posts

20 new GRP posts being wrapped for delivery to 2 central London restaurants. Traditionally made using timber, however these would erode over time; GRP posts have a minimum of a 25 year life span. This mixes sleek finish with longevity to create the best post design.

Column Casings for the City of Culture

Column Casings for the City of Culture

An example of GRP Column Casings we manufacture, All bespoke. These are near the Fruit Market In Hull City of Culture 2017. You can see the Deep in the background. 


Diespeker have been given the task of making Minions. Not an easy task.