Diespeker is pleased to start work on the shopfittings for Snog frozen yogurts. This will include all GRP white gloss cladding, seating and interior furniture for the unique ‘Snog frozen yogurt' brand. All the components being manufactured in our Dewsbury factory in West Yorkshire.

Their shops, furnished pop-art style in iridescent colours with rounded cartoon-like furniture, have attracted famous fans ranging from the Duchess of Cambridge to One Direction's Harry Styles.

The founders of Snog, entices its customers with cheeky catchphrases such as "Less talk, more Snogging", "You'll never forget your first Snog" and "What could be more natural than a Snog?".

Snog is a delicious premium frozen yogurt. It lacks fat, shuns sugar and has hardly any calories. Served with fresh seasonal fruit, it’s a healthy treat all year round.